Who are we?

We are two Sisters who set out on a journey just three years ago and at the time we weren’t sure where the path would lead us … Our Business started in September 2011 when we had a vision to hand make items such as door stops, draft excluders, cushions and bunting.

During the first few months we quickly realised that there was limited opportunity for crafters to buy good quality fabric at reasonable prices as many of the stores had disappeared years ago and yet with the new surge in “make your own”, “Upcycling” and programmes like ” the Sewing Bee” the stores had not returned. We do not mean the big stores, but the small family run businesses where you can have a chat and catch up with whats new and share your creative ideas, and it was then our venture was truly born.

How We Got Our Name

As we browsed the wholesalers Lorrain would constantly say these are beautiful, these are so pretty and she said it so many times she started to combine the two words, and eventually she would describe all fabrics that she loved as being Prett – i – ful, and so it stuck and became our name – Prettiful- Fabrics

Our Aim

To supply beautiful cotton fabrics to you. Our fabrics come in all sizes from metre pieces by continuous length, to patchwork squares and fabric strips. All within a reasonable price… If you cant see what your looking for on our website please drop us an email.

Our Team

Angela Mayer
Financial Director

With a background in business & finance, Angela is able to support and guide Prettiful-Fabrics in all its finanical aspects. The unique skill combination between Angela & Lorrain is a great cocktail for bringing our customers a great shopping experience.

Lorrain Chatburn
Operations Director

Lorrain has gained many years experience as a seamstress and has a great eye for looking at clothes, kids costumes, cushions etc and thinking that needs adjusting and just running something up on the machine and hey presto its done!